To empower the underprivileged people through

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  • Yearly Sharing Meeting with GOB representatives, community leaders and law enforcing agencies on protection issue: NM will organize yearly sharing meeting with GOB representatives, employers, community leaders and law enforcing agencies, school, management committees existing laws in favor of human rights, local resource mobilization and abusive behavior with street people.
  • Networking with different Organization:The project will facilitate the street people to establish linkages with different Net Work Organization like Network for Establishing Rights for the street people, ensuring there health service, education mainstreaming, involving them with the income generating activities and also for the job placement.
  • Day observation:International Women’s Day in 8 March, International Human Rights Day in 10th December
  • International child rights week in the month of September organized human chain and rally for establishing their voice and Citizen right of pavement dwellers are recognized and addressed by the relevant government agencies.
  • Pavement and Squatter dwellers’ Citizen Rights and entitlements are recognized and realized :Advocacy with City Corporation/Ministry of Local Government and national policy makers to develop policy to recognize and support pavement and squatter dwellers and implementation of policy through effective programmes (macro and meso level) with providing them birth certificates, national ID card etc.

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Heartiest Congratulations to Saad Ahmed Sagor, Youth member of Nari Maitree

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World Mental Health Day 2022

The World Federation for Mental Health organized an unscheduled activity on October 10 in the year 1992 to increase awareness of mental

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