Youth empowerment for social transformation
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Youth empowerment for social transformation

The project endeavor’s creating critical awareness and agency of the A&Y for exercising their rights and meaningful participation. Besides, it focuses on promoting civic engagement, peaceful healthy living, economic opportunities creation and persuasion, safe use of digital tools and technologies. In addition, it enables opportunities to articulate their concerns and hopes in matters that affect them.

In Bangladesh, adolescents and youth face manifold challenges, including lack of high-quality learning opportunities, agency, negotiation skills, insufficient awareness on reproductive health rights, high rate of child marriage, and a lack of timely information about social services, all of which have an impact on their ability to live joyfully and act as an agent of change. Moreover, many young people enter the labour market with insufficient knowledge and skills, such as the capacity to successfully communicate, manage issues, and ready to and succeed in a job interview. (Youth of Bangladesh Agents of Change? In this context, the project contributes to empower adolescent and youth aligning with the National Youth Policy (2017), National Skills Development Policy (2011), SDG 16. Furthermore, engaging all actors including local government, NGOs is contributed to accelerating empowerment process.

The project contributes to promote adolescents and youth empowerment while ensuring voice, choice and active participation. It is adding value in reducing discrimination, enhancing child participation, promoting safe environment, creating scope to enhance skillfulness. Also, adolescents and youth club members, parents, social leaders and govt. representative is enhancing value by ensuring their active participation in community engagement. This project especially promotes 21 century skills to meet the market-oriented demand in the current world. Moreover, adolescents and youth-led digital solution is fostering for social transformation.

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Youth empowerment for social transformation
  • General Objective: Advancement of adolescents and youth for social transformation through exercising active citizenship
  • Specific Objective: A&Y exercise active citizenship utilizing their knowledge and skills


  • Outcome: 
    1. Adolescents and youth are mobilised for initiating social change
    2.  Adolescents and youth’s skills are enhanced towards employment
  • Project Area:
    • Dhaka South & North City Corporation
  • Thana:
    • Badda, Vatara, Banani,Gulshan, Khilgaon, Mohammadpur, Dhanmondi, Kadamtoli and Shampur


  • Ward:
    • Dhaka South city: 14, 15, 53,58,59,75
    • Dhaka North City: 3, 18, 19, 30, 32, 33, 39, 40, 41
  • Number Targeted Community: 20


  • Project Inception meeting
  • Project orientation
  • Annual club-based meeting
  • Annual AYC meeting in upazila/district-level
  • Support for resource centre
  • Life-skills education refreshers training
  • Sports for Development (Karate, football, cricket, volleyball)
  • Parents and community orientation
  • Sharing meeting with key stakeholders
  • Information Education and Communication materials
  • Campaign at the community level
  • Orientation on digital literacy expenditure
  • Market oriented skill building expenditure
  • Career information/counselling
  • Business startup support
  • Linkage building expenditure

Project Achievement from January to May, 2023:

  •  After completed the computer training 2 youth have gotten opportunity to work at the city
    corporation as out sourcing job and 2 youth engage small entrepreneurship.
  • Observe the World Environment Day on 5 June, Youth members collected the waste
    plastic for recycling.
  • Have a women football team in youth group at the community and till now they practice
    and keep up it.
  • 20 Clubs members prepare yearly action plan and implementing these properly.
  • Reform the 20 clubs at the Dhaka North & South City Corporation where enroll the 1040
    adolescents and youth.
  • Now they are capable to risk analysis and prepare action plan to reduce it. Such as
    • Mainstreaming 200 children
    • Stop early marriage
    • Proper Waste Management
    • Street Drama for stop sexual harassment

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