Tobacco Control Project

Raising Women’s Voice in protecting Public Health mobilizing women for demanding Law amendment and increasing Tax
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Tobacco Control Project

Raising Women’s Voice in protecting Public Health mobilizing women for demanding Law amendment and increasing Tax


The project addresses the urgent issue of tobacco consumption in Bangladesh, particularly among women and girls. It aims to raise awareness, advocate for stronger tobacco control measures, and engage stakeholders including governmental bodies, policymakers, and the media. By aligning with WHO guidelines and leveraging community alliances, helplines, and media campaigns, the project seeks to reduce tobacco use, protect public health, and support the government’s vision for a tobacco-free Bangladesh by 2040.


Target group: Grassroots Level women and youth leader, Local government representatives, Policy makers, Media


Working area: Dhaka City Corporation (North and South



Campaign for Tobacco Free Kinds (CTFK)

Tobacco-Free Kids Action Fund (TFKAF)


Major activities

  • Formation of a National-Level Forum
  • Strong Relationship with Women Members of Parliament
  • Empowerment of Women’s Groups
  • High-level Endorsements
  • Wide-reaching Advocacy
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Youth Engagement
  • Signature Campaign
  • Media Coverage
  • Social Media Engagement


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Tobacco Control Project

Raising Women’s Voice in protecting Public Health mobilizing women for demanding Law amendment and increasing Tax


Objective 1: Mobilize and organize grassroots groups to augment women’s voices to build support national policy efforts on law amendment and tax.

Objective 2: Building a caucus of women Parliamentarians and policy makers to support tobacco control policies to protect women and girls’ health.

Objective 3: Build voices of municipal and local government leaders to support national tobacco control policy goals.

Objective 4: Engaging with media & public campaigns to support law amendment and increasing tobacco tax.


Project Goal: To fulfill the vision of the Honorable Prime Minister “Tobacco free Bangladesh by 2040″


 Activities Media Advocacy

  • Press Releases: Disseminating latest statistics and updates on tobacco use and government efforts.
  • Social Media Campaigns: Utilizing platforms like Facebook to amplify messages and mobilize support.
  • Op-Eds and Articles: Collaborating with journalists for publication in newspapers and online platforms.
  • Media Workshops: Conducting trainings for journalists to ensure accurate reporting and coverage.
  • Partnerships: Building relationships with media outlets to prioritize tobacco control coverage.



The significance of media advocacy for Nari Maitree’s tobacco control project is to it helps spread awareness about the dangers of tobacco, shapes policies, engages communities, and prompts behavior change. By using media platforms strategically, Nari Maitree can amplify its message, rally public support, and work towards a healthier, tobacco-free Bangladesh.



  • Nari Maitree has successfully formed a national-level forum comprising nine women members of parliament. This forum will play a crucial role in advocating for the swift approval of the draft amendment proposed by the Ministry of Health. This achievement aligns with the vision of making Bangladesh tobacco-free by 2040, as declared by the Prime Minister. The formation of this forum strengthens our partnership and collaboration with influential policymakers.
  • Through our engagement with women members of parliament, we have established a strong relationship and rapport. This provides us with a valuable opportunity to continue working closely with them towards tobacco control and law amendment.
  • We have successfully established 40 women’s groups and provided them with the necessary empowerment to amplify their voices. These groups now have the opportunity to actively contribute to the amendment of existing tobacco control laws. The initiative has not only enabled local engagement but also provided avenues for national-level involvement. By empowering women to participate in decision-making processes, we are fostering inclusivity and promoting gender equality.
  • Secured commitment and video endorsements from one Minister, two State Ministers, and ten women Members of Parliament, demonstrating strong support for the swift passage of amendments to the tobacco control law.
  • Shared endorsement content on our Facebook page, reaching a broad audience and enhancing awareness about the need for tobacco control law amendments.
  • Organized sharing meetings with MPs and journalists, securing commitments from 1 Minister, 2 State Ministers, and 13 MPs to advocate for the swift passage of the amended tobacco control law. Additionally, conducted two discussion sessions with 20 women representatives from local government bodies, garnering commitments from all 20 representatives. They pledged to vocally support the expedited passage of the tobacco control law and actively contribute to reducing health hazards for women and children caused by passive smoking.
  • Conducted orientation sessions with Girls Guide members and ULAB University students to raise awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco and inspire advocacy for law amendments.
  • Organized a successful signature campaign on an open letter addressed to the Prime Minister, gathering over 2000 signatures from diverse professionals and influencers.
  • Achieved extensive media coverage with 260 pieces across 75 platforms, including print, electronic, online, and mobile journalism outlets, enhancing the project’s visibility and impact.
  • Engaging actively with the Anti-Tobacco Women Voices Facebook page has resulted in reaching an impressive audience of nearly 300,000 individuals, with 75% comprising females. This active participation reflects a collective dedication towards amplifying awareness and advocating for transformative change in the fight against tobacco use.

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