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Introduction: Education is the backbone and children are the future of a nation. Proper childhood is needed for better growth of Children. The total population of Bangladesh is 171 million among them children are 45%. i.e. 7.65 million, out of these about 70 %children are deprived from education. The root causes of the non-receiving education among children are; river erosion, scarcity of work at villages, natural calamity, wage discrimination and rapid urbanization etc. those are pushing the people to migrate to the urban areas. For the survival of the migrated families get involved in different work in the urban situation even they send their children to work including serious hazardous work. Due to multi-dimensional services of the slum dwellers, street children, pavement dwellers & their children or migrated people, we the other people are enjoying the comfort and civilized life in different cities. In an age when a child is supposed to go to school with books and bag and supposed to play with their friends but in the same age they have to go out for searching of work. As a result the children are being deprived of education. 

Those children can’t enjoy their childhood and can’t grow as a normal child. But the childhood is the most important chapter of the human being. The extreme poor slums and pavement dwellers have been earning and leading their lives in an extreme inhuman situation in all the big cities of the country including Dhaka City Corporation. These poor children are engaged in different hazardous work but at this age they were supposed to go to school with bag and books and play in the field. This is the reality of these children who came all the way to city with their families. Instead of going to school they go for work at this early age due to the poverty and to earn bread and butter for their family. In fact the childhood is very important for every children they born with a dream of a real children life but they failed to enjoy all due to poverty forgetting their childhood life or childhood dream. Those Children and their family in Dhaka and other cities lead inhuman life and live in hardship and fight every day for earning something for their family. Due to their little or less income in the city their basic needs are not fulfilled or remain a dream forever, their normal mental and physical growth are hindered by poverty. This scenario is more miserable for the children having no parents. Most of these children are engaged in hazardous work and also get involved in drug trafficking and also take drugs at this early age. Besides, they also get involved in other criminal activities as there is no enable environment for the children to grow in proper manner. We expect to reduce provide an enabling environment for those children so that they get education and grow properly as a result they can become assets instead of burden of the society.

Objectives: Our objective is to obtain sponsorship from the wealthy, interested and people who thinks for the helping of children and people and who are willing to contribute in educating these children and to bring out from the vicious cycle of the poverty. We all are aware that govt. has declared Bangladesh as middle income country as a result lots of donors are moving out for that reason we have to reduce dependency on foreign donor and to explore local donors, sponsors so that we can help disadvantaged people in improving their livelihood and contribute in national development


Characteristics of our Activities:

  • To take initiative through day care for Primary growth, mental growth of the children so that the rights of childrenare established and social development takes place;

  • Undertake initiative for Mainstreaming of pre-primary and non-formal and dropout children;

  • Develop habit of taking the nutritiousfood through day care center for the physical and intellectual development of children;

  • Provide warm cloths and other necessary support to those children;

  • Provide basic health care including necessary medicine;

  • Provide appropriate education materials for creating enabling and joyful learning environment for education;

  • Ensure all children receive birth certificate as and whenthe baby born;

  • Provide night shelter for these children to avoid risk at night, sexual harassment and abstain fromother anti-social activities;

  • Organize cultural events, recreational activities and sports for development of personality and physical growth;

  • Provide Counselling for shaping up their life properly;

  • Bring positive changes in the attitude of the children through supportive intensive monitoring;

  • Provide training and seed money for small trade to parents of these children forthe development oftheir life and livelihood

  • Provide skill training to the parents and create job opportunity for sustainable livelihood.

Activities undertaken so far for solving the said problems:

Based on the socio-economic conditions of those children and findings of several researches Nari Maitree decided that if a long term program can be undertaken for the proper growth of the children only then the unexpected suffering of the said children can be reduced; Keeping that in mind Nari Maitree has been running some service centers for providing services to children for their mental, physical growth, education and socio economic development; Nari Maitreefirmly believesthat your sponsorship support will certainly help those disadvantaged children to grow properly and become a responsible person in the society in the future.

Process or Methods of Sponsorship or donations:

  1. Provide Tk 500.00 (Five hundred) only per head for pre-primary/ primary child growth including material;

  2. Provide Tk. 1000.00 (Taka One thousand) only for all cost of a children like, pre-primary education, education materials, nutritional food and basic health services or;

  3. Any other amount you wish or any materials for the children;

  4. Nari Maitree will report to all valued sponsors for making the process transparent and to be accountable to the sponsors.

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