Promote Community-Based Child Protection System


Promote Community-Based Child Protection System

This project aims to strengthen community-based child protection system in its targeted areas of Bangladesh where the community level initiative will be increased to prevent violence against children and the responsiveness of local level legal duty bearers will be increased. To achieve the aim, this project will build capacity of community-based child protection committee (CBCPC) so that the CBCPC become an active actor for preventing violence against children in the community. This project also will raise the community awareness on different child protection issues for the selected children and parents who are at risk of being victim of violence, and for the general community people to improve the community environment as positive and protective. Moreover, the accountability of duty bearers will be facilitated and the dialogues between children and duty bearers will be supported, so that the duty bearers could be more active and supportive, and linked with children where children will also have the opportunity to raise their concerns regarding their protection.

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Promote Community-Based Child Protection System
  • General Objective: Contribute to the enjoyment of child protection rights by children and adolescents in Bangladesh
  • Specific Objective: To strengthen community-based child protection system in the targeted area.
  • Outcome: 
    • Community level initiative is increased to Prevent violence against children.
    •  The responsiveness of legal duty-bearers is increased at local level.
  • Project Area
    • Dhaka South and North City Corporation
    •  Thana: Badda, Vatara, Banani, Gulshan, Khilgaon, Mohammadpur, Dhanmondi and Kadamtoli
    • Union/ward :
      • Dhaka South city: 14, 15, 53,58,59,75 and
      • Dhaka North City: 3, 18, 19, 30, 32, 33, 39, 40, 41
  •  Targeted School: 20
  •  Targeted Community: 20


  • Motivational training for youth volunteers.
  • Workshop to form/reform and to develop annual action plan of CBCPC.
  • Support to implement annual action plan of CBCPC.
  • Session on community monitoring to prevent violence against children.
  • CBCPS assessment.
  • Session on prevention of sexual harassment with selected children.
  • Orientation on prevention of sexual harassment with the parents of selected children.
  • Awareness raising on children’s rights to protection from violence.
  • View sharing meeting with CAPO of local Police Station about CBCPS initiative.
  • View sharing meeting with ward councilor/city corporation office about CBCPS initiative.
  • View sharing meeting with DVAWCPC about CBCPS initiative.
  • Facilitating view sharing meeting between children and parents, community leaders.
  • Facilitating adolescent & youth leaders visit to Ward Council/ Police station.

Project Achievement from January to May, 2023:

  • Organizing the project orientation at the 20 communities where attend various kinds of
  • 8 Members of the Child Protection Committee visited the offices of 1098 and 109 and
    know about their functions.
  • Now they are aware themselves and able to aware parents and community people.
  • Meeting with local police station (Vatara, Badda, Hazaribag, Mohammadpur) about the
    activities of child protection committee Form and Reform 20 Child Protection Committee
    in the Dhaka North and South City Corporation where have 340 committee members.

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