Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring & Evaluation System

Monitoring is a continuous process to keep the project in proper track for achieving the goals and objectives of different projects and organization. The M&E unit assist the management for proper progress of activities both in qualitative and quantitative data and information. Nari Maitree has a central Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Unit for Monitoring and Evaluation of the project activities headed by the Chief M&E coordinator. In the project level Monitoring Officers are also deployed for regular monitoring of the project activities. Monthly and yearly M&E plan is prepared by the M&E unit personnel. Monitoring is conducted through different need based tools and techniques, different checklist project wise monitoring needs based on indicator relevant to the M&E frame work and data based information. During field visit monitoring team conduct discussion with field staff, beneficiaries and stakeholders in participatory way to find gaps and strengths and share for better performance and transparency to the organizational management and donors.

The organization has a M&E guideline which M&E unit maintained the stated policies strictly. The project mid-term and end line evaluations surveys are conducts as per the guideline and prepare report for the organization and donors and stake holders

Nari Maitree generally conducts the following programs for monitoring purpose

  • Monthly monitoring and preparation of Database reports

  • Prepare M&E framework for each projects

  • Prepare regular ongoing M&E plan and implement project wise based on M&E framework.

  • Prepare database as per project need

  • Project based small study

  • Project based field visit

  • Monitoring by the Donors and internal monitoring & evaluation

  • Feedback sharing meeting regular basis.


Evaluation is also conducted internally and External and also in the middle stage and final evolution. External Evaluation is conducted by the third party and internal evaluation is conducted within the organization. An experienced team is formed for internal evaluation and the team submits a report on the findings to the concern. Both internal and external evaluation follows the NM M&E guideline

Nari Maitree also prepares annual report to reflect the performance and achievement, lesson learning challenges and future compiling all the available reports.

MIS System

To know the project progress according to Project proposal, NM prepares different kinds project progress reports both quantitative and qualitative. At first, field level staff prepares the project report according to their field visit and submitted it to their respective area chief and area chief prepare the report through compiling the field staffs report and submit their report to the project chiefs. Project chief prepare the report based on the area chiefs and monitoring report quarterly, half yearly and submitted to the concern donor agencies. Besides this, NM also prepares and submits different types of project report according to the demand of donor

NM also develops different types of reporting format for the field level staff for collecting different types of project activity related information consulting with donor agencies.

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