Career Fair 2023

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We are thrilled to share with you all about the amazing event we are facilitating the Career Fair under the project titled “Addressing Gender Based Barrier of Young Women Economic Empowerment in Bangladesh ” for the project participants who received training in different trades under the project.

In this happening , we have an incredible focus on enabling an employment supportive environment by connecting project participants with 200+ employers and training institutions, cultivating a growth mindset and nurturing the qualities of a skill human resource. We believe that a transition mindset sets the basis for continuous improvement and drives us towards achieving our goals together.

To make the Job Fair even more engaging and impactful, we organized it with the support of BD Jobs, the largest job site in Bangladesh ” This event allows each participant to reflect on their career goal, commitments and identify what they need to obtain to meet their desire in professional life.

But that’s not all! We also introduce the project participant with other side events like career seminars, mock interviews, video CV development etc. This event aims to ensure that the learnings from the job fair is seamlessly transferred to their professional life. Each participant connected with all of us who share insights, discuss challenges, and support each other’s growth journey.

Overall, it is an incredibly enriching experience, and we as a part of Nari Maitree team feel privileged to have facilitated such a wonderful job fair.

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