Securing Rights of Domestic Workers in Bangladesh


Securing Rights of Domestic Workers in Bangladesh


Securing Rights is a five-year project funded by Global Affairs Canada (GAC), implemented by Oxfam in collaboration with six local partners in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Securing Rights project’s ultimate outcome is increasing the well-being of women domestic workers in Dhaka, Bangladesh, who are one of the most marginalized and disadvantaged groups in the country. The project has two strategic pillars (in line with the project’s two intermediate outcomes) that work together to achieve the shifts in power relations needed for transformative change. First, it promotes a supply of skilled domestic workers and improves the leadership and collective organizing capacity of domestic worker networks and groups to claim their rights to decent work. Second, it supports partners, including Women’s Rights Organizations (WROs) and domestic worker networks in undertaking evidence-based advocacy for influencing relevant policy implementation and working to change the negative social norms in relation to domestic workers, including the recognition of domestic work as a profession under the law and generating a demand for skilled domestic workers.



Increased well-being of women domestic workers (DW) in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Why this Project?

More than 10.5 million people are employed as domestic workers in Bangladesh, out of which approximately 90% are women.

  • At least 277 domestic workers have died due to violence on the part of their employers from 2008 to 2013. In addition;
  • 47% have experienced physical abuse and face the threat of being expelled from work;
  • 63% are forced to do work/jobs beyond their physical abilities;
  • 17% have experienced sexual harassment;
  • 40% perceive their workplace as insecure; and
  • 68% of women domestic workers report being frustrated with their current circumstances.


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Securing Rights of Domestic Workers in Bangladesh

Project Objectives

  • Improved accredited professional skills and competencies and formal placement enable women Domestic Workers to claim and defend their rights.
  • Improved ability of Domestic Worker Groups (DWG) to provide services for women DW and advocate for their rights to live free from violence.
  • Strengthened capacity of civil society to develop and implement joint action plan and influence the government for the recognition of DW as formal profession.
  • Improved positive attitudes and support of policy makers, employers and the wider society towards women domestic workers’ rights and entitlement.

Project Outcomes

  • Strengthened agency of women domestic workers to claim and defend their rights in relation to decent employment.
  • Improved social norms on DW rights, including increased recognition of DW as formal profession, promoted by policy makers, government and employers and the wider society Relation to Change in NORMS.
  • Relation to Improve SKILLS.


Reach: /Target Beneficiaries 16,000 women domestic workers.


Project Duration: 4.5 years (2019-2024)


Working Area

Dhaka North and South city corporation.



  • Area Mapping.
  • Group Formation meeting.
  • Life skill training.
  • Community Stake holder meeting.
  • Unpaid Care work.
  • DWs net work forum develop.
  • Day observation.
  • Skill building for both employer and employees.
  • Strengthening employers’ understanding of domestic workers rights.
  • Undertaking feminist research-based advocacy.
  • Strengthening visibility, collective voice and representation.
  • Tackling adverse norms and promoting positive role models by working with community leaders, religious leaders and others.
  • Advocating for legal protections and reforming discriminatory laws and regulations.

Local Implementation Partners

  • Bangladesh Institute of Labour Studies (BILS): has been working towards the capacity building of trade unions and promoting workers’ rights in Bangladesh since 1995.
  • Campaign for Popular Education (CAMPE): For the Securing Rights project, CAMPE was selected to develop curriculum and materials, including competency based modules to be accredited
  • Underprivileged Children’s Educational Programs (UCEP) Bangladesh: provides second chance education opportunities to out-of-school children, promotes decent work, job placements, and enterprise development training to youth and adults.
  • Nari Maitree (NM): is a women led Women’s Rights Organization focuses on Human Rights and Good Governance, Decent Employment for Sustainable Livelihoods, and Women Empowerment programs since 1983.
  • Red Orange Limited (Communication Agency): Red Orange is an international consulting agency based in Bangladesh, specializing in communication for change.
  • Hello Task – Private Sector Partner (Employer Agency): a web/app based domestic workers employment agency (founded in 2017.


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