“Premature Death of a Dream”

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Seven year old boy named Zihad died after a portion of a wall collapsed on him at Azimpur, Dhaka. His mother Moni Begum is one of the Nari Maitree’s ILUEP project participant and member of active Change Maker. She has been involved with the ILUEP project since 2017. After getting the incident news, Nari Maitree’s staffs instantly went to Dhaka Medical College hospital communicating with the doctors, provide counselling support to Moni Begum’s family.  With heavy heart doctors declared him dead. From Nari Maitree, we have initially raised Bdt. 17,000 and provide the cash for hospital, burry and ambulance charges. After that we provided Bdt. 35,500 taka emergency support in coordination of Concern Worldwide.

In the meantime we have communicated with councilor of 24 no Ward councilor Zahid Hossain and Lalbagh thana, also our change makers have been informed. Ward councilor Zahid Hasan instantly visited the family and in coordination with Lalbagh Thana, Nari Maitree had arrange a meeting with the PWD office. Some of the journalist and media representative influence the family to file a case against PWD. Nari Maitree team counselling the family, lobbying with the Lalbagh Thana and the Ward councilor. In the meeting with PWD, Nari Maitree and Ward Councilor suggested to provide a job to Zihad’s elder brother in PDW office and Bdt. 1 lac for the family to start a business and father’s treatment.

Zihad’s father said that, if Nari Maitree haven’t help them, they wouldn’t be able to release Zihad’s body from hospital. We have lost our beloved boy, but for Nari Maitree our other boy’s got a new life and our life will be changed forever, he added.

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Heartiest Congratulations to Saad Ahmed Sagor, Youth member of Nari Maitree

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