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Concern Worldwide is an international organization dedicated to addressing extreme poverty in Bangladesh. Concern Worldwide and their partners have experience in working with pavement dwellers. The phase 1 of the project encompassing the first year as the inception period; during which project managers continued to learn about pavement dwellers. The project was then established, piloted and adapted through various approaches. The second phase covered the next two years while the project was implemented in seven locations in Dhaka city representing the different types of locations in which pavement dwellers were found. These are the areas around Karwan Bazar (amarket center), Kamlapur Railway Station (a transport center), Sadarghat (another transport center), Central Dhaka (open spaces around the National Stadium, the High Court and a park area called UsmaniUddayan), Green Road (a footpath population), Mouchak (a market place) and MirpurMazar (a religious shrine). In the third phase of the project encompassing the last two years, the project was expanded into other locations in Dhaka and possibly Chittagong based on the learning and experience from the first two phases.

A number of partners have been working with Concern Worldwide in developing the AmraoManush Project. These include the NariMaitree, Sajida Foundation, the Social and Economic Enhancement Programme (SEEP) and the Dhaka City Corporation. All of these will have instrumental roles in the project implementing activities and supporting advocacy campaigns. In addition, the Coalition for the Urban Poor (CUP) is the major organization advocating for the rights of slum dwellers.

The Project AmraoManush was scheduled to be completed within a period of five years. The Project having marched in March 2008 is still continuing on the last of its three phases and is likely to be completed by December 2016.

Working Area

B.B STADIUM : Open place of B.B Stadium , Nattomancha Balur Math & BISIC Bhaban(Open place) Baitul Mukarram (Pavement) GPO (Pavement ) Gulisthan More.

OSMANI UDDYAN : Open place of Osmani Uddyan, GolapShah Majar,ango Bazar, Railway, coloni, Fulbaria Bus stand,DCC

HIGH COURT : Open place of High Court Mazar High, Court Mazar Gate (Pavement) Ramna Park (Open Place) ,Ananda Bazar (Pavement ) ,Karjon Hall (Pavement ) ,Shishu Academy

Funded by:

Concern Worldwide


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