Supporting Talented Adolescent and Youth to Reinforce their Skills
Honorable gust Seulah Park from Child Fund Korea delivered important speeches among the talent.-1


Supporting Talented Adolescent and Youth to Reinforce their Skills

Bangladesh is currently passing through the phase of a demographic dividend as around one-fifth (19.11%) of the total population is young people (15-24 years).1 But the lack of appropriate resources, the young people of Bangladesh have been facing vulnerability from social, economic, material, and emotional aspects. Furthermore, children’s susceptibility due to poverty, inequality, social exclusion, climate change, physical and mental disabilities, and a lack of care may have long-term socioeconomic implications. The poverty and extreme poverty rates in Bangladesh are above 20% and 10%, respectively. On top of that, the fact is concerning that a lot of young people do not think they can be change agents and perform their talents as they like. As a result, it exposes the underlying challenges and draws attention to the need for much higher and more deliberate investment to fully realize the potential of children’s aspirations and the demographic dividend. The population of Bangladesh has been “ageing” very fast and the senior dependency ratio (number of senior dependents aged 65 years and older per person of working-age population of 15 to 64 years of age) will increase rapidly over the next few decades. Thus, prioritizing investing in today’s children is a prerequisite for ensuring the country’s sustainable development. The second decade of life is a time of tremendous opportunity and in a total population of 171 million, children made up 34 per cent (57.8 million) in 2022. It directs us in optimizing support and facilities for young people so that they can reach their greatest potential and contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. It is said that a man is as big as his dream. Indeed, a dream lying at the bottom of one’s heart has the power to shape one’s life. In Bangladesh, the proposed project will support children and young people by offering them a voice, a choice, and technical and financial assistance in pursuing their dreams. This project will only cover the Dhaka district, specifically the North and South City Corporations, as well as the Rajshahi district, including the city corporation regions and the minority populated Godagari Upazila. We will target those who have talents but suffer a lack of quality educational opportunities and those who choose sports and arts as a career path but experience financial crisis and a lack of facilities. The proposed project will select children and adolescents with talent and abilities to serve as role models for other children by achieving their goal and success stories. Approximately 55 (fifty five) talented children, adolescent, and youth both boys and girls from Dhaka and Rajshahi district will be hunted, selected, nurtured, and placed at different positions both in the field of education, arts, sports and other activities.

The targeted children and adolescent will be selected by applying the following criteria

  1. Child and adolescents who have potentials in studies will be identified through screening their academic records and family financial condition. Project will support them so that they can develop their potentials and talents through ensuring educational opportunities.
  2. Children and adolescents with special talents in sports, arts, and culture who have the potential to grow into outstanding individuals will be identified through screening of their achievement records and a competitive test run by an expert panel of the respective sector. As well as their family’s financial situation and willingness will be assessed. The project will support those young people who are eventually chosen to develop their potential and talents so that they can contribute to society in the future.
  3. The project will form a couple of juries for study, sports, arts, culture to determine the selection of children among applicants. The partner organization and Educo jointly with the guidance of jury creates an evaluation criterion and conducts document review and interview based on it.
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Supporting Talented Adolescent and Youth to Reinforce their Skills

Project Goal: Contribute to achieve the dreams of underprivileged children and youth to become 21st century young leaders in Dhaka and Rajshahi district of Bangladesh.

Target group:

Target Group Direct Indirect
2023 & 2024 2023 & 2024
Children (M/F)


Teacher/ Sports and cultural teachers/authority


Parents (M/F)


Local Elite


Local Government Representatives/ Social worker


Government Authority 10
Total 185 720

 Working area: Dhaka City Corporation. (South & North)

Donor: Child Fund Korea

Major Activities:

  • Project orientation and inception meeting
  • Organize talent hunt campaign in the project locations
  • Family assessment and final enlistment of young talent and profile creation
  • Child Safeguarding session with children and family members
  • Develop individual dream plan in consultation with each enlisted participant.
  • Stakeholder’s analysis, mapping, and partnership
  • Provide financial, technical and materials support to selected participants as per plan
  • Form a STARS Club by all the selected young talent
  • Provide digital literacy education through GP Academy
  • Provide Leadership training
  • Social campaign by STARS
  • Provide Meta-skills training
  • Achievement sharing fair

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