Informal Domestic Workers and their Employers.


Informal Domestic Workers and their Employers.

Project Summary:

The Shuchona Project is to introduce a Digital Finance System (DFS) for Domestic Workers which will empower them financially and increase their self-esteem as dignified workers with more bargaining power. There will be proof of their payment, and DWs will feel there is formal recognition of their job through systematic payment. This will help address non-payment or delayed wages, a common problem faced by domestic workers. The irregularity of the present payment system deprives DWs of financial security as they cannot make long-term financial plans. With digital payments, their chances of making savings will be enhanced leading to more financial security. On the other hand, more and more women employers will open accounts with digital services which will empower them also. As surveys show, women employers also do not use the digital system and mostly remain outside the formal financial banking system. The benefit of this project is twofold. Not only the DWs will be empowered through control of and access to their salaries, but the female employers will also learn to accept the formal way to pay salaries making them a part of the network of women using E-commerce. It will be a win-win situation for both parties. Introducing DFS will help DWs to access and be included in the formal financial services, such as the ability to transfer money to whoever they want, have more control over their income, save money for future use and reduce the gender gap to some extent and they will ensure 100% of them to obtain national ID providing them the confidence to access entitlements and further reduce the gender gap. Digitization will also give the opportunity to access numerous services and has the potential to increase access to a wider variety of income-generating opportunities and allow women to retain, control, and increase their income.

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Informal Domestic Workers and their Employers.


Empowering Female domestic workers through formal national financial digitization system



  • To reduce gender gap between men and women on use of mobile services.
  • To encourage both the employers and employees to use mobile phone financial system
  • To develop capacity of domestic workers to manage their wages in a formal, accessible manner and empower them financially
  • To motivate the mobile financial providers to give special discounts to those using their service


  1. Select/mobilize and organize workers and employers
  2. Identify issues and digital literacy gaps
  3. Database of DWs and employers
  4. Maintain the Financial diary
  5. Incentives and Reward for Employers
  6. Incentives to DWs
  7. Training/orientation/ Awareness on financial management and proper utilization
  8. Reaching the Target of 2500 Domestic Workers and Employers
  9. Follow-up meeting with DWs
  10. Training/orientation/ Awareness/ Workshop
  11. Ensure the salary through the Bikash / Nagad

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