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Urban Primary Health Care Services Delivery Project, a Public-Private Partnership. It is an innovative initiative with the goal to improve the health status of the urban population, especially for the poor, women and children. Through this model NariMaitree has been working with this project from 10th November 2001 for 1st phase & from 2006, Nari Maitree (NM) awarded for 2nd phase and was continued up-to December 2012. The Project is functioning with the financial support from ADB, SIDA, UNFPA and executed by Local Government Division, Ministry of Local Government Rural Development & Cooperatives (LGRD&C) and implemented by City Corporations and Municipalities.

NariMaitree signed the contract for 3rd phase on 31st December, 2012 for three partnership areas. After signing the contract NariMaitree started these project activities from 1st January 2013. Three areas are Dhaka North City Corporation Partnership Area-1 & Partnership Area-2 and Kishoregonj Municipality, Partnership area-1. Under these three PA areas NM has 3 Maternity, 14 PHCCs, 17 lab and 28 satellite team. For this NM has 35 Doctors and 80 paramedics and other 246 programs and support staffs.

The components of this project include comprehensive reproductive health care services, Family Planning services, Adolescent Reproductive health care, Child health care, Limited curative care, Communicable disease control, STI/RTI prevention program, Violence against women, Primary eye care services, Medicine distribution, Education on health awareness, Counseling, Provision of clinical and pathological services, Disease identification through pathological test, Provide treatment or refer for better services. NM also has behavior change communication activities through field and clinic level.

The project consists of a total number of 16 wards. Ward numbers are 20, 21, 28, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 and 36 of Dhaka North City Corporation and 7 wards under Kishoregonj Municipality. The areas that all under these wards are Madhubagh, Maghbazar, Noyatola, Badda, Mohakhali, Agargaon, Salimullah road, Noorjahan Road, Humaun Road, Pulpar, Sultangonj and Bashbari. The project area of Kishoregonj is the whole Municipality area.




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Our Vision

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Our Mission

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Our Goal

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