Urban Primary Health Care Service Delivery Project

Urban Primary Health Care Services Delivery Project, a Public-Private Partnership is an innovative initiative with the goal to improve the health status of the urban population, especially for the poor, women and children. Through this model NariMaitree working with this project from the 10th November 2001 for 1st phase & from 2006 NariMaitree awarded for 2nd phase and it was continued up-to December 2012. The Project is working with the financial support from ADB, SIDA, UNFPA and executed by Local Government Division, Ministry of Local Government Rural Development & Cooperatives and implemented by City Corporations and Municipalities.

NariMaitree signed the contract for 3rd phase on 31st December 2012 for three partnership areas. After signing the contract NariMaitree started these project activities from 1st January 2013. Three areas are Dhaka North City Corporation Partnership Area-1 & Partnership Area-2 and Kishoregonj Municipality, Partnership area-1. Under three PA areas we have 3 Maternity, 14 PHCCs, 17 lab and 28 satellite team. For this we have 35 Doctors and 80 paramedics and other 246 program and support staff.

The components of this project include comprehensive reproductive health care services, Family Planning services, Adolescent Reproductive health care, Child health care, Limited curative care, Communicable disease control, STI/RTI prevention program, Violence against women, Tuberculosis control program, primary eye care services, Medicine distribution, Education on health awareness, counseling, provision of clinical and pathological services, disease identification through pathological test, provide treatment or refer for better services. We have behavior change communication activities through field and clinic level.

It consists of a total number of 16 wards. Ward numbers are 20, 21, 28, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 and 36 of Dhaka North City Corporation and 7 wards under Kishoregonj Municipality. The localities that all under these wards are Madhubagh, Maghbazar, Noyatola, Badda, Mohakhali,Agargaon, Salimullah road, Noorjahan Road, Humaun Road, Pulpar, Sultangonj and Bashbari. Area and whole Kishoregonj Municipality area.

Since the inception of this project performance is increasing every year. Some important performance is shown in this report by year wise graphical presentation. In 2015, there are 629905 no of patient received 1482658 no of services through our clinics. Moreover 424983 no of services are given through red card holders. PA-1 fulfill the 100% and PA-2 fulfill 100% and KsM PA-1 100% target of service charge, even 30% services are given by free of cost. Maternal & Child health are tremendously improved in all of our project area. In the year2015, Antenatal services are given to 79368 numbers of pregnant women. Post natal caregiven to 30151 lactating mother, 5276 delivery done in our Maternity & Family planning services are given to 85129 eligible couple. In child health care services 26970 no of children for diarrhea, 31940 no for ARI and 168731 for EPI (Routine, & measles campaign).

20869 no of patient are treated for sexually transmitted disease, 29002 no of adolescent reproductive health care were given. Primary Eye care was given to 2261 no of patients. Psychological counseling & treatment were given to 1722 victimized women. 1534no of tuberculosis patient were treated. Nutrition food supplementation is given to 35332 no of malnourished pregnant mother and children under 5 years. Besides other necessary primary health care and limited curative care were provided to 126132 patients.

To enhance and ensure these clinical quality services we conducted staff training and orientation. Monthly staff meeting, QA meeting also conducted. To build maternal and child health awareness we conducted door to door visit, Uttanbaitak, community meeting, meeting with pg mother, meeting with community gate keepers, meeting with adolescents. A large no of orientation program were conducted in the community for new area people. Lots of health related days were observed with Government program. We hope that in future our program will be enhance, expand as well as quality and quantity will be increased.

Project Goal

To improve the health status of the urban poor by improving access and changing the way in which health services are provided in urban area.


To improve access, equity, quality, utilization and institutional sustainability of urban primary health care (PHC) services in the project area particularly for the poor and women and children.

Target Group: All Community people specially Women and Children.

Working Area

Madhubagh, Maghbazar, Noyatola, Badda, Mohakhali, Agargaon, Salimullah road, Noorjahan Road,Humaun Road, Pulpar, Sultangonj and Bashbari. Kishoregonj Municipality area.

Funded by:

Asian Development Bank, UNFPA


patient received clinical services, services provided from clinics, clinical services received by red card holder free of cost, services received free clinical services, and Patient received clinical services as partial free, No of paid services, Total Expenditure (ESP), Cost recovery % from total expenditure, per patient expenditure, per service expenditure, Total service charge (income), Per patient income, Per service income, No of Antenatal care, No of post natal care, No of Hospital delivery including C/S No of complicated case managed, No of neonatal care, MR & post abortion care, Family planning services, Nutrition food supplementation (Maternal and child), Psychological and medical services for victims (VAW), RTI/STI services, EPI services (Routine and Me seals campaign), Diarrhea treatment, ARI treatment, Tuberculosis control services, General treatment (Basic first aid, emergency car, Minor infection and disease control), Adolescent reproductive health care, Adolescent development program, Primary eye care services, Diagnostic services, Other services