Establishment of Nari Maitree as a Woman Development Organization on 2nd September
Registration from Directorate of Women Affairs, GOB
Skill Development Training Programme for the Poor and Destitute Women, funded by :
  Canadian High Commission
EPI, Family Planning and General Treatment Programme, funded by – MOHFP, GOB
Registration from Directorate of Family Planning, MOHFP, GOB
House Governance Training for Domestic Workers, funded by: BACE, ICOM
Flood Relief Programme, funded by : ADAB
Mother & Child Health Care Programme, funded by : Overseas Development Agency (ODA
Registration from NGO Affairs Bureau
Initiated Income Generating Programme
Slum Family Development Programme, assisted by: British High Commission
Non-Formal Education for Adult & Adolescent , assisted by: Bureau of Non - Formal Education (BNFE
Vulnerable Group Development Programme, funded by : World Food Programme(WFP
Reproductive Health Care Service for Commercial Sex Workers, funded by: UNFPA
Non-Formal Education and Skill Development Training for Working Children, supported by- Red Burnett
Adolescent Development Programme, funded by- Action Aid Bangladesh (AAB)
Establishment of Pathological Laboratory & Investigation
Center, assisted by : Embassy of Japan, Bangladesh
Skill Development Training for Union WTC members, funded by WFP under IFADEP-2
Launching Micro Credit Programme INCOME - III Project of CARE Bangladesh
Post Flood Rehabilitation Programme, funded by: Embassy of Japan, Bangladesh
Adolescent Girls Development Programme, assisted by: UNESCO
Intervention towards Child Development Programme (ITCD), funded by: Save the Children Sweden - Denmark
Adolescent Education Programme, funded by: USC-CANADA
Essential Service Package under SHAPLA funded by: BPHC
Sustainable Livelihood Development & Poverty Alleviation through Empowerment of the
  CWS and their Children through Directorate of Social Welfare, GOB, funded by: UNDP
Launching Urban Primary Health Care Project through Dhaka City Corporation (DCC) funded by : Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Adolescent (Girls) Empowerment Projectfunded by: UNESCO
Launched GO, NGO Joint Monitoring Programme
Implementation of Better SRH service for Urban Adolescent & Youth Development : UNFPA through Marie Stopes
Action Research on Child Sex Workers, funded by: UNICEF
HIV/AIDS Prevention Programme for urban slum adolescent and youth, funded by : UNDP
Birth Registration Campaign in collaboration with Dhaka City Corporation, assisted by:
  Action Aid Bangladesh (AAB)
Provided Consultancy Services on Reproductive Health Care for Adolescents project
  under the supervision of Medical Education for Essential Health Service(MEES), funded by: British Council / NiCARE
Pilot project on Sex Worker Managed Clinical Healthcare Services, funded by: World Bank
HIV/AIDS Prevention Programme in association with DORP Consortium, funded by: UNICEF
Implementation of Eradication of Worst form of Child Labor Project, assisted by: ILO/IPEC
Adolescent Empowerment Project, funded by: UNESCO
Implemented Prevention of Violence against Women Project funded by OXFAM, Bangladesh
TB Control Programme through BRAC, funded by : GFATM
Implementation of Child Right Convention by the Child-led Organizations project, funded by Save the Children Sweden -Denmark
Implementation of Child Right Convention ensuring child participation project, funded by: Plan Bangladesh
Micro Credit Programme, financed by: BASIC Bank and Plan Bangladesh
Participation of the Urban Poor in Municipal Governance Project of LGED through CDS,
  funded by : Asian Development Bank(ADB)
Establishing Children Organization to promote and protect child rights Project, Funded by
  Save the Children Sweden Denmark
Establish Child-led organization to ensure children participation Project (CLO), Funded
Super Sister on the Savage Street Project, Funded by Save the Children Sweden Denmark
Amrao Manush Project, Funded by Concern Worldwide
Blue Peter Meal and Deal Project, Funded by BBC through Save the children UK
DCC-ILO-APCL Project, Funded by ILO through DCC
Post Literacy and Continuing Education for Human Development (PLCEHD) II, Funded
  by BNFE through DORP consortium
Education and skill development of Hardcore poor woman Project, Funded by
  Bangladesh NGO Foundation (BNF)
Community Interventions towards the development of Urban Working Children Project,
  Funded by Target Sourcing International
Child Domestic Worker Development Project (CDW) Project, Funded by Plan
Transforming the lives of urban homeless people through Amrao Manush Expansion
  Model Project, Funded by UNDP through Concern Worldwide
Community based Integrated Maternal Neonatal and Child Survival (MNCS) intervention-
  Facilitate Community Development Activities Project, Funded by UNICEF
To Implement Livelihood Skills Training model/option-2: Establishing business unit in
conjunction with the Organization for producing export oriented products under the BEHTRUWC project of 2nd phase" funded by UNICEF
Growing up Safe and Healthy ; Addressing sexual and Reproductive Rights and Violence
Against Adolescent Girls and young Women in Urban Bangladesh (SAFE) Funded by -Embassy of the kingdom of Netherlands through ICDDR`B consortium
Establishing Rights of Female Domestic Worker Project, funded by Manusher Jonno Faundation, Bangladesh
Investment for Economic Empowerment of Street Dwellers Project (Invest), funded by Concern Worldwide Bangladesh
Social and Economic Empowerment program for Street Based Child & Youth laborers Project, funded by Save the Children International
Basic Education for Hard to Reach Urban Working Children Project, Funded by UNICEF
Post literacy on Continuing Education of Human Development, Funded by BNFE
Support Urban Slum Children to Access Inclusive Non-Formal Education (SUSTAIN), funded by Save the Children International
Lets Her Decide and Participate (LHDP), funded by Oxfam GB through ICDDRB
TB control program, DCCN PA-1 & DCCN PA-2, funded by GFATM through BRAC
Child Protection Movement (CPM), funded by Save the Children International
Child Brigade(CB), funded by Save the Children International
Every One Campaign, funded by Save the Children International
Transforming lives of urban homeless people through Amrao Manush model Project (Gazipur), Funded by Concern Worldwide
Empowering Women and Adolescents for Social Change Project Funded by Concern Worldwide
Urban Primary Health Care Service Delivery Project (2nd phase), funded by Ministry of LGD (ADB, SIDA, UNFPA)
TB Control, funded by USAID
Let Her Decide and Participate, funded by Oxfam GB
Better Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights for Young key People effected by HIV, Funded by Government of the Netherlands
Empowering Under Privileged Women through Babu Barta, Funded by US Department of State through dnet
Women Health, Right & Choice Project(SHOKHI), Funded by We Can
Strengthening the rule of the duty bearers to combat Child Marriage and Sexual harassment of girls in Modhupur Sub-District under the District Tangail, Funded by Canada fund for local initiatives.
Prevention of Child Trafficking through Strengthening Community and Networking, Funded by "terre des hommes" through; INCIDIN Bangladesh
National Initiative to Violence Against Children Project, Funded by SAIEVAC
Inclusive Protection and Empowerment project for Children with Disability , Funded by Save the Children International Bangladesh
Reaching Out of School Children (ROSC) Phase-II Project Urban Slum Children Education (USCE) Program
Pre-Vocational Training program for School Dropouts under Reaching Out-of-School Children Phase -II project
B-SkilFul Project